Touch Needed Massage Therapy
is dedicated to helping YOU.

Whether to help you feel better or helping you to help your pet, Touch Needed is here for YOU!

Every body is different. We pride ourselves on recognizing that the movement of each individual is unique, and should be treated as such. Our therapist is known for listening to YOUR life, YOUR daily activities and customizing a massage session to YOUR specific needs. She is skilled and proficient in a firm pressure massage, manual therapy and being able to ‘read’ your body. Our goal is to help bring you comfort NOW, but also help you maintain comfort in your everyday life.

Because the body works as a whole and that every body is different, our therapist offers massage by session. A custom blend of essential oils, added to the lotion, used during your massage is included with every massage. Each 75-minute session* is individually customized and offers an array of indicated modalities including deep tissue, myofascial, Swedish, passive range of motion and more.

*Small and Large animal sessions are priced by session NOT TIME as each animal responds differently.

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Contact us for an intial evaluation! The first session will be to discuss you or your animals overall activity, your expectations and for our therapist to assess and plan. From there we will discuss an individual plan for you or your pet.

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Massage for you
AND your 4 legged companion

Why Massage? The benefits of massage are immense! There is evidence showing that muscle manipulation can help to improve overall performance and health.