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Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you

Touch Needed  Massage Therapy is available by appointment only.  Appointments are charged by session. Each session is custom made to each individuals needs. An initial consultation will be required for every new client. This gives the massage thereapist a chance to discuss overall needs, health and concerns.

Therapeutic Massage

In this 75-minute massage, our therapist uses indicated modalities specific to your bodies needs.The goal of each session is to help focus on already problematic areas as well as relieve tension from areas that may be over compensating.

Essential Oil Applications

Our Wellness Advocate is trained in Essential Oil applications. Whether to help with muscle or emotional tension, each application is customized to your needs using only pure, therapeutic grade oils.

Conditioning exercises and
‘take home’ protocols for pets

Massage for both small and large animals

The everyday movements of our animal companions are often taken for granted. When given the option of massage, event the most reserved of pets tend to open up. Massage helps not only physically but emotionally as well.

Strength training exercises and classes for pets

Individualized plans


Why choose us?  We are in the unique position of having a background in medicine, behavior as well as body work! We have the ability to communicate and include your animals’ veterinarian.

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Contact us for an intial evaluation! The first session will be to discuss you or your animals overall activity, your expectations and for our therapist to assess and plan. From there we will discuss an individual plan for you or your pet.

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If you're a member, you can also find Jen at Elements at 379 Russell St Route 9, Hadley, MA

Massage for you
AND your 4 legged companion

Why Massage? The benefits of massage are immense! There is evidence showing that muscle manipulation can help to improve overall performance and health.